About Obducat

Obducat is the world-leading supplier of lithography solutions enabling advanced micro- and nano- patterning of surfaces.

Obducat develops and delivers innovative products and technologies focused on processes used in production and replication of advanced micro- and nanostructures.

Obducat supplies its customers with process equipment as well as process know-how applied in both high volume production and R&D. Obducat's products and services are aimed at custumers within various fields such as LED-, biomedical-, display-, MEMS-,  semiconductor- and solar cell industries.

Obducats’s goal is to provide our customers with viable and cost-effective lithography solutions that will give a competitive edge to the customers, enabling them to deliver break-through applications and achieve improved profitability and success.

Obducat's head office is located in Lund, Sweden, with production, R&D and sales. At our subsidiary Obducat Europe GmbH located in Radolfzell Germany, wet processing systems and solutions are developed, manufactured and sold. Furthermore, we have a sales offices in Shanghai, China and in Tokyo, Japan.