Research & Development

Obducat has a long history of research and development within the field of lithographic production and replication of micro- and nano- patterns. It is our intention to continue with our own R&D with the purpose of continually making necessary developments and adjustments to our NIL- and wet processing technologies in order to maintain technological leadership to enable adaption to new application areas. Our R&D efforts can be categorized from a time perspective with projects having a short-term focus of 0-2 years or a mid-term focus of 3-4 years.

R&D projects with a short-term focus are directly connected to a specific customer with a specific need, where the demand can be met within the existing product portfolio but needs some specific adjustments or developments in order to meet the specific customer need. Typical activities are  e. g. that together with suppliers define new materials with increased function, durability and quality to a lower cost.

Since the decision processes at our customers often are data driven from testing, a large part of our resources are dedicated to perform test series together with our customers in order to ensure the quality and repeatability in our offering.

Projects conducted with a mid-term focus are often related to identifying future applications with an interesting potential.