Breakthrough Obducat technology enables patient care with pain free injection and reduced costs

Progress in Biomedical: with a high success rate in the test performance phase, Obducat technology is enabling a welcome and pain free alternative to patients who must self-care with needle injection. Sofusa™ (, a Kimberly Clarke innovation, offers a dosing platform that’s not only more merciful and effective over traditional methods, it enables drugs to be better utilized by shortening the journey for the body’s absorption. More potent drug dosing and less drug loss from entry to point-of-absorption offers significant drug cost reductions and patient benefits.

Doing away with the needle

The Sofusa™ platform can vastly improve the patient experience by removing the suffering and anxiety associated with self-injection. Conventional needle administration requires a painful puncture to penetrate deep enough into the body’s circulating system in order to be absorbed by the patient’s body. This new application is simple and painless, similar to the applying a bandage or plaster.


Expanding treatment through nanotechnology

Building on the concept of a bandage application, the platform’s surface is covered with a array of micronized needles. With Obducat’s continuing knowledge and technology support, the tips of each of these tiny ‘whiskers’ are covered in a unique nano surface patterning. This revolutionary nano topography has shown to permit drug flow through tight cellular junctions. Please see an infographic of how the application works here.


Smarter dosing, immediate and long-term benefits

With a better transfer system, drugs can become better utilized. With conventional injection dosing, it’s necessary to administer larger than effective drug dosages due to a percentage loss while it travels through the body to reach the point of absorption. Drug administration with Sofusa™ technology enables more precise and efficient dosing because a greater amount of the drug is absorbed with a better and faster transfer. Patient wellbeing is potentially improved because the body need process less of the drug than is ultimately effective. Furthermore, test results have also shown that with the increased intake efficiency, the body benefits from a single dosage for a longer period, thereby lengthening the duration in-between dosage administration. With more potent drug efficiency, pharmaceutical costs can be reduced, often substantially in certain cases.


 Far reaching patient treatment potential

This revolutionary technology is already being successfully applied with animal patient treatments in many parts of the world. Currently, the Sofusa™ platform is geared towards those who self-care, but its potential could positively impact a far wider range of patients. It’s not hard to imagine a near future where the dreaded needle is relegated to medical museums and the past tense.

You can learn more about ongoing developments at Sofusa™ site