Employee spotlight: Alex Gahrahmat National Sales Manager at Obducat North America

In July of 2017, Alex Gahrahmat joined the Obducat team, leading sales for the USA. One of the reasons Alex makes a great match with the company has to do with his work leading up to this moment.

“Obducat offers equipment, technologies and services that are in-line with my past experiences. It offers solutions to requirements sought by my former customer clients in Semiconductor, Mems, Solar, National labs, as well as LED markets.” says Alex Gahrahmat.


Being the leading sales manager of the USA, Alex’s task is to share and explore Obducat technologies and services with existing known clients and to identify opportunities. “I am actively looking for the places where Obducat products, both present and future, have the potential to offer substantial value in this region.”


His background as an engineer in the semiconductor industry puts him naturally at ease in communicating and understanding his client requirements. “Since Nano-Imprint technology is unknown to some of my established client base, the challenge here is to substantiate the value that is recognized by some of these old timers.” he quips. “Exploring new fronts and identifying the value in traditional markets are among the key challenges I am engaged in.”


Being the first Obducat sales manager in North America incurs a certain level of independence and geographic distance from its HQ in Sweden. “The operational independence is nothing new to me since I have worked predominantly on my own for the last 14 years. But, since both the Obducat product lines and technology are new to me; there are questions and tasks that I need support on and we cover these bridges through email, Skype and regular visits mainly by Kristian Thulin, Obducat’s head of business development. Statistically, you increase your probabilities by having more soldiers on the ground, but optimizing the sale process is the key.”


 Being the USA, the country does offer unique qualities, both positive and otherwise. “The US has traditionally been a major hub of new technologies and pioneering new breakthroughs. This may not solely be credited to the people in US, but also to those talents that the US been able to recruit globally. However, this trend is changing, and I believe that the R&D focus in the US will continue to generate new Ideas and Pilot line phases continue to be based here.”


“This industry is attractive because the value that you offer needs to be recognized by your customers through your products and services. In the Large Substrate wet processing field as well as the Nano-Imprint case, technical performance and capabilities, throughput and overall cost are the selling features. What’s exciting is the fact that it is new to some, and the potential of exploring its reach. One of the challenges I am looking forward to is identifying as close to a perfect fit between what we offer and preferably a sector of industry. One of the things that is really exciting is that we are pioneering a new lithography technique that enables industry to create complex and small features on a manufacturing scale, and at a lower overall cost to our potential customers.”