Know your MEMS

Obducat technology is increasingly useful in the production of making MEMS and MEMS themselves are being utilized in an increasing number of applications - but what are they and why do they matter?

Although we’re not often conscious of it, our lives are well improved with these tiny and versatile devices over the course of each day. MEMS stands for Micro-electro-mechanical systems, or Micromachines in Japanese culture. It’s the technology of microscopic devices (and moving towards nano sized), in particular those with moving parts, such as things that spin. From your phone’s gyro ability to know which way is up when its being handled at moving angles to surviving a ride in a self driving car, MEMS are everywhere. Perhaps there’s one sitting on you now. Here we present a brief overview of all things MEMS.

MEMS are on the rise 

MEMS are growing at a healthy rate and will continue on upwards trajectory for the next foreseeable future. Their biggest driver is in Consumer (12.3%) and Medical fields (11%), leading ahead of Defense, Telecom, Industrial, Automotive and Aeronautics. 

MEMS have a knack for sensing things

MEMS are being made to mimic the senses, so wearable devices are prime real estate for MEMs The result will be wearables that quantify and enhance wellbeing and increase fitness levels. MEMS sensors are being created that can gauge and analyze all the senses. Their role is enabling health care monitoring and treatment to be easier and more accurate.

MEMS success depends on five key factors:

1. Size reduction

2. Potential cost reduction

3. “Good enough” specifications

4. Simplified manufacturing

5. Reliability

Obducat NIL technology can help reduce size and costs as well as reliability with its consistent production performance making it a smart choice for MEMS manufacturing.

Obducat and MEMS

Solar-semi, owned by Obducat, is producing MEMS components. Obducat technology is also utilized by some of the larger MEMS components makers, including Infinion. You can see Obducat products featured in Infinion’s spotless production plant Video link: