NIL impact on LED industry - long term

Nano wires will further increase power potential

This is the third in a series of articles offering an overview of the impact NIL has on the LED industry. Here we look at the long term advancements that will further enhance NIL’s stokehold on LED manufacturing.

A frisky future for nano whiskers

A step beyond nano sized patterns, and currently in the R&D phase, are nano wires to create effective light emitting surface patterns. These wires are also called nano ‘whiskers’. With their inherent shape of thin elongation, the photon excitation surface and thereby light emission output is even greater over aforementioned nano sized patterns. Nano whiskers will further bring benefits such as increased directionality of the light meaning that the light is focused in the direction where you need it and not elsewhere as well, which is a problem with today’s LED technology.

The growth of micro LED displays

Of particular application interest for nano whiskers are micro LED displays. Micro displays are contained in small screen use - Apple watches for instance. The current Apple Watch uses oled displays, but the next generation is rumored to have a uLED based display.

Obducat technology is at the lead but hurtles remain

Obducat NIL has an advantage over competing technologies with LED manufacturers because it’s already creating high resolution detail on substrates with precision and consistent performance. Technology that is perfect for nano whisker production- and at a much lower cost. There remain challenges to overcome however, such as LED assembly. Each LED chip needs to be in the size of 50um for technology at the entry level, with ultimate aim at making them as small as 10um. The challenge is how to assemble at such a small scale.

We will continue to keep readers updated with developments in the LED Industry as they are made available. Stay tuned!