Obducat acquisition of solar-semi: Benefits of the acquisition

The acquisition of Solar-Semi increases sales potential with cost savings and market expansion while increased technical expertise accelerates pace for next generation development.

Cost savings and market expansion

• Both companies share the same business model type and understanding of market mechanisms - lowering the threshold to learn the other company’s products and technology

• Potential markets are largely the same with overlapping geographical locations - expanding markets and sales

• Sharing predominantly the same customers, exhibitions and conferences will enable coordinated activities offering cost saving possibilities - lowering marketing and sales costs

• Because solar-semi’s surface coating is the process step immediately before the NIL step there’s a technically strong connection between the two companies - better for bundling sales offerings Because solar-semi technology in part is more mature with a bigger existing market compared to NIL, this merger increases the possibilities for revenue growth regardless of an industrial breakthrough for NIL.

• With the addition of solar-semi, now Obducat capabilities are internalized, replacing external resource requirements for e.g. software development

• Increased possibilities for faster development of fully automated NIL Large Area production solutions by utilization of existing knowledge with solar-semi’s Large Area substrate handling systems