Obducat CEO presents keynote in Hong Kong’s Smart Cities Innovation Summit

On 8 September, Obucat CEO Patrik Lundström gave a keynote address at the APAC Innovation Summit throwing focus on Smart Cities.

Obducat CEO Patrik Lundström presenting a keynote in Hong Kong at APAC Innovation Summit 8 September, 2017

On 8 September, Obucat CEO Patrik Lundström gave a keynote address at the APAC Innovation Summit throwing focus on Smart Cities. The Hong Kong event delved into how technology can drive the city’s transformation and how smart, resilient planning can successfully be realized in neighboring countries. His presentation “Creating greater capacity on smaller spaces” highlighted nano fabrication and its impact on sensor manufacturing. This manufacturing augments smart devices - which provides the data for supporting Smart Cities.

Smart cities run on smart devices 

In his talk, Patrik covered how changing technologies are driving the need for new smart devices. In the past, the tech industry was dominated by the PC, followed by the mobile era. Now zooming into the Artificial Intelligence (AI) era, it encompasses the Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous vehicles, big data, cloud, as well as Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR / VR) technologies.

Smart cities require development rethinking

Exploring the question “How will Smart City developments affect the capital equipment industry”, Patrik offered insights into the key drivers. Massive and ever-increasing amounts of data in Smart Cities will be collected by new categories of smart devices. These will increasingly need to be developed in smaller and smaller product sizes to enable cost reduction as well as the possibility for integration into smaller mobile devices. Historically, most new product generations were developed using the same materials but in a reduced size. Now, new developments require the integration of material development into the development programs themselves. New process technologies as well as new machine infrastructure will be required to successfully develop the smart devices required to realize the concept of Smart Cities. The more complex development programs will impact development cycles, making short time-to- market even more challenging.

Obducat and Smart Cities

A new interdisciplinary approach is merited in updating fabrication processes, by borrowing fabrication technologies and approaches from other areas in the electronics industry. Here Obducat technologies are perfectly poised to satisfy these increasing needs. Obducat’s position in the smart devices value chain are tucked into the process where creation steps often need to be repeatedly performed depending on the number of layers in the component. Its portfolio spans NIL equipment including wet processing, coating and lithography.