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The EITRE® systems are suitable for research and development within application areas such as solid-state lighting, micro optical and photonic components, patterned media, bio-medical and life science, lab-o-chip, MEMS/NEMS and semiconductors.
All Nano Imprint Lithography (NIL) systems are configured to perform full area imprint, using the patented SoftPress® technology. The proprietary design of the heater, embedded in the substrate chuck, provides a homogeneous temperature distribution across the whole imprint area. The uniform heating and flexible temperature setting possibilities, makes it possible to use a wide range of imprint polymer.



Product data

Wafer Size Up to 3" Ø
Clean-room compatibility Class 100
Foot print 0,5 m2
Thermal imprint Standard
Computer controlled user interface Standard
UV imprint Option
STU® technology license for R&D Option
IPS® technology license for R&D Option
Water cooling Option
Optical alignment N/A
Low pressure module Option