Sorrento Therapeutics presents overview of its proprietary mRNA vaccine development program for COVID-19, including highlights of the Sofusa® Drug Delivery System

The biopharmaceutical company and Obducat customer Sorrento Therapeutics recently released a presentation on its corporate website to provide an overview of Sorrento’s proprietary mRNA vaccine development program for COVID-19.

The presentation highlights:

  • Micro-epidermal infusion patch device potentially elicits a superior immune response thought to be due to the direct lymphatic dose delivery. MultiValent COVID Vaccine administered via Sorrento’s proprietary Sofusa® MuVaxx™ system achieved equivalent serum IgG responses at one tenth of the dose compared to intramuscular administration in mice based on preclinical studies.
  • Thermostable mRNA lipid nanoparticle (LNP) formulation that potentially allows for provision of vaccine doses without the need for frozen storage after time of manufacture, during transport and prior to dose administration.

Sorrento Therapeutics use Obducat’s NIL technology to fabricate the nanotopography draped microneedles applied in the Sofusa® Drug Delivery System.

You find the news release Sorrento Unveils Overview of Its MultiValent mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine Development Program and full presentation by following the link.

Read more about the Sofusa Lymphatic Delivery System by clicking the following link: Lymphatic Delivery System – Sorrento Therapeutics

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