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The Obducat Nano Imprint Lithography (NIL) -system is a user-friendly imprinting-system for both industrial high volume production and product development as well as research and development within academia. Based on the company's patented NIL-technology, Obducat has created a process for the replication of extremely accurate structures in micro- and nanosize from a master stamp onto a target substrate that can be anything from a flexible polymerfilm to hard saphire substrates. Our method of pattern transfer also enables us to replicate patterns and structures onto non-flat substrates such as camera lenses for example.

In the Obducat process developed for high volume manufacturing purposes, the pattern replication is made from a stamp onto a polymerfilm. The polymerfilm, which we call Intermediate Polymer Stamp (IPS®), with the pattern transferred from the stamp is then once again replicated, this time onto the target substrate. In this final replication onto the target substrate, we use a Simultaneous Thermal and UV (STU®) process which eliminates thermal expansions and thereby increases the quality and repeatability of the pattern transfer. The IPS®-technology reduces the wear on the master stamp and decreases the amount of defects caused by particle contamination which increases the cost efficiency of the process.

All NIL-systems from Obducat are made for Full Area Imprint, which means that the whole surface is replicated in one go and not in many small steps, which is the case in several competing solutions. Obducat's patented technology called Soft Press, in combination with the IPS®, makes it possible to transfer the pattern with an even pressure over large areas and is a crucial part of the NIL-technology. It also brings further advantages in functionality, such as the possibility to transfer patterns onto curved surfaces but also pure performance advantages such as fewer rejections and lower costs. It also increases the repeatability of the imprint results, which is crucial in an industrial manufacturing environment.



Obducat Europe's product platforms are built around a number of standardized modules which covers various different process needs within both research and development as well as high volume manufacturing. The process modules are sold both as manually operated stand-alone units and as system solutions consisting of several integrated process modules which are semi- or fully-automated. This module based approach allows for easy upgrades or extensions of the systems' capacity or functionality as well as tailoring for specific customer needs.

The systems are used in various manufacturing processes such as surface coatings within semiconductors, MEMS, piezoMEMS, OLED, LCD and similar industries. Obducat Europe's process equipment are especially focused on processing methods such as spin-coating and spray-coating. The product platforms can cover a range of applications and needs from basic research and development through pilot production up to full scale high volume manufacturing. Through working with standardized components and modular design, the cost efficiency demanded by the customers can be achieved.


Obducat drives the development and industrialization of nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is being more intertwined in our daily lives every day. Nanotechnology enables the development of a cleaner, more energy saving as well as more intelligent products that have started to be deployed in sectors such as electronics, chemicals and medical just to mention a few:

Nano Imprint Lithography (NIL) is an efficient and low-cost method for fabrication of nano-scale patterns, which enables greater capacity on smaller spaces.

Obducat's products can be divided into two groups based on technical platforms;

  • NIL systems - Developed and produced by Obducat Technologies in Lund, Sweden
  • Wet processing systems - Developed and produced by Obducat Europe in Radolfzell, Germany

Obducat's NIL technology is a high performing system of equipment and processes suitable for industrial high volume manufacturing as well as R&D purposes in industry as well as academia. The technology enables replication of extremely accurate micro and nanoscale structures from a master on to a typically resist covered surface or into a polymer film. The patented SoftPress technique enables the the surface patterning of the entire target substrate in one single process step, independent of substrate size, which reduce production costs.

Obducat offers a flexible and cost-efficient solution for a wide range of applications, such as production of LEDs, displays, bio-devices etc. A strong product portfolio as well as expertise in process know-how, makes Obducat the most competitive supplier on the Nano Imprint Lithography (NIL) market.

The system solutions and technologies focuses on wet processing systems, carried out within daugther company Obducat Europe GmbH, are based on standardized platforms, which allows a wide range of individual configurations for processing and handling of fragile substrates used in the semiconductor-, MEMS, piezoMEMS, OLED display and similar industries as well as in R&D.

The product portfolio for wet processing equipment encompass spin or spray coating, baking, priming, developing, etching, substrate / post CMP cleaning, lift-off and stripping of various substrate sizes and materials. Additionally, the possibility of coating wafers on both sides can be offered as well, which includes the possibility for 100% edge handling capability.

Obducat is also working on  the development of integrated lithography systems where both wet processes as well as surface patterning by NIL are done within a fully integrated and closed system. This will be an important advantage for applications demanding the structuring of Large substrates as well as for applications with high requirements on quality and cost efficiency.

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More and more nanotechnology solutions are today available in consumer products. The interest and activity among large global actors are steadily increasing within a variety of industries that are preparing to make the transition from current technologies to products based on nano technology. With the help of nanotechnology, one can provide various types of surfaces with new or improved characteristics through patterning or coating, which in turn creates new, more advanced and more efficient products.

The consumers of today are constantly demanding ever more advanced, smaller and lighter technology such as, more powerful laptops, larger energy efficient flat screen TVs, tablets and smartphones with higher functionality and capacity. The producers of such products are facing a competitive situation which to a high degree is driven by cost efficiency in the production. It is this development which offers the opportunity for Obducat's products and technologies to deliver an added value in the production chain by providing a higher cost efficiency while enhancing the end products quality and performance.

The development is largely driven by the electronics industry, but also within industries such as bio- and medical-technology there is an increasing interest for the advantages that nanostructured surfaces can offer. The interest is often driven by the possibility of producing extremely small and exact components. Within some fields the demand is driven by replacing a current production method in order to make the end product more efficient or giving it higher performance, in other cases the demand is driven by the possibility of reducing production costs. Thereto there are cases where the possibility to manipulate the surface characteristics is the key to creating completely new products or technologies.

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