The Obducat milestones

2020 Obducat launches new technology, based on unique CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) process, enabling the final step towards full industrialization of nanoimprint lithography.

2019 Obducat expands Foundry Services

2018 Obducat secures the first order for a NIL tool for large substrates up to Gen 2

2015 Obducat aquires Solar-Semi GmbH, a German company focused on the development, production and sales of advanced process equipment within surface-coating and wet processing.

2014 Obducat launch and delivers the 2nd generation of the fully automated NIL tool for LED production

2013 Obducat receives an order for a fully automated NIL tool for production of medical devices for transdermal drug delivery

2009 Obducat delivers the world’s first fully automated NIL tool for LED production

2007 The first commercial manufacturing starts by using Obducat NIL technology for production of Photonic Crystal LED chips

2005 The IPS® and STU® process technologies are introduced to the market.

2000 The first NIL system is sold.

1997 Obducat is listed on the Stock Exchange.

1989 Company is founded in Lund, Sweden.

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