Let’s shape the future together.


Let’s shape the future together.

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Do you enjoy an international work environment and seek to drive change? Are you passionate about nanotechnology, sales, engineering and consider yourself to be a contributing team player? Here are three solid reasons why you should send us your application today.

  1. Shape the future

We offer you a chance to join an exciting company, driving the development of nanotechnology across multiple industries. Our teams support each other and work in close connection with our customers to optimize production and lead innovation.

  1. Get inspired and inspire others!

At Obducat we work sensibly, enthusiastically, ambitiously, independently and together towards fulfilling customer needs. 

  1. A global mindset

Be part of an exciting group of people with different backgrounds and from different cultures and countries. We have offices in Europe, USA and Asia and our customers are located all over the globe.


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