Our Markets

The micro-and nano lithography solutions provided by Obducat are highly versatile. Our key technologies and processes embedded in our products enable our customers within industries such as Optics and Photonics, Bio and Medical devices, high power and high frequency components, LEDs and displays as well as MEMS and Sensors to produce high quality products at competitive cost levels.

Increasing interest in nanotechnology

The interest in nanotechnology is growing as the demand for smaller, lighter, more efficient and more complex nano-based applications continues to increase. Obducat’s superior lithography technologies, suitable for advanced micro- and nanopatterning, enables the creation of new and improved characteristics and functionalities, which ultimately contributes to increased performance and new functionalities in our customers’ products.
Obducat’s technologies deliver an added value in High Volumen Manufacturing by providing a high cost efficiency and by enhancing the end products quality and performance.

Optical & Photonic Devices

Optical & Photonic Devices

Obducat is a well-established key supplier, providing cutting edge technology to prominent customers within the field of both optical and photonic components. World leading companies are using Obducat’s proprietary NIL technology to produce nano patterns on camera lenses and achieving improved image quality by doing so. Successful use of Obducat’s tools is also known within several leading manufacturers of semiconductor lasers. Obducat’s industry leading nano lithography solutions creates significant benefits for a wide range of Photonic components.

Bio & Medical Devices

The interest in Obducat’s nanolithography solutions is significantly increasing among customers within the biotechnology and medical industry. Obducat’s successful implementation and participation in a project focused on transdermal drug delivery has demonstrated the benefits and extensive utilization of our technologies.

A more efficient health care system requires the development of new solutions, with improved accuracy, for analytics and for diagnostic applications. Devices that can enable a move of the Point-of-Care from hospitals to them patients themselves are highly prioritized. Already today there are simpler systems available that monitors specific health parameters and they are normally integrated with various type of mobile devices. In order to further develop these systems and to enhance their inherent capabilities and enable cost reductions in the health care, more intelligent systems need to realized and that is where NIL is anticipated to play a key role.

Bio & Medical Devices

High power & High frequency components

The ongoing electrification across industries, such as the automotive industry, and the increased need for high-frequency applications due to the digitalization have put new types of materials such as silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride on silicon (GaN-on-Si) at the center of development.

There are significant advantages for SiC in power electronics compared to the silicon material used today. These materials can handle much higher current than silicon and their proven utility in safety-critical applications continues to attract considerable attention. With the anticipated development within e.g. 6G, processes related to the manufacturing of GaN-on-Si substrates are expected to increase in the coming years. Obducat has already established production solutions that is being deployed in the manufacturing of GaN substrates as well as pattering of GaN surfaces.

LEDs and Displays

LEDs light up buildings, cars, streets and our homes. The utilization of light sources such as LEDs and OLEDs are continuously increasing because the technologies combine brightness and energy efficiency with minimal material consumption, reducing the overall environmental footprint of this lighting technology.

An application which is expected to drive further growth in the LEDs industry is LED-based displays (so-called micro- and mini- LED displays). For Obducat the success of this development equals business opportunities as Obducat’s nanolithography technologies has strong advantages that can solve some of the technical challenges that LED manufacturers face when realizing micro-LED displays.



MEMS & Sensor Devices

The global need and interest for MEMS and Sensor Devices is continuously growing. The technologies are often associated with so-called “smart” cities or “Internet of Things” (IoT) and Obducat is a recognized supplier of the resist- and wet processing solutions needed to produce the devices. Examples of applications are face recognition, gyroscopes, humidity sensors and vibration sensors. Other examples of products that utilize MEMS technologies are devices such as blood pressure sensors, microphones and speakers for mobile devices.