OBDUCAT AB (publ) subsidiary Obducat Technologies AB, a leading supplier of lithography solutions based on nanoimprint lithography (NIL), announce the integration of new UV modules for the EITRE[®] product range. The new UV modules make it possible for customers to configure the Eitre tools with ultra-high UV light intensity.

The continuous development and introduction of novel imprint materials create the market need for more versatile and configurable R&D tools that can be adapted to specific customer requirements. The development of new imprint materials is driven, to a large extent, either by needs for improved material capabilities in ongoing application developments such as the AR (Augmented Reality) field or by the needs coming from enabling new applications not realized before. 

In the case of AR, there is a need for further refinement of e.g., the optical characteristics of the resists, to enable a better product functionality. As some of the new resist materials require ultra-high light intensity for processing, the ability to do full area imprint at the same time as you allow a very high exposure dose, becomes a key issue when enabling high throughput which is needed to realize full industrialization. This ability translates into a higher cost efficiency and the capability to produce in large volumes. Obducat can now offer both high performance functions in the R&D tools as well, which is important to enable a simple and straightforward transfer of the process from R&D to mass production.

" Through this launch we strengthen the competitiveness of our tools directed at the R&D customers. We are convinced that the development of new imprint materials directed at new application areas is only at its beginning and that is why we want to give our customers, already at the R&D stage, access to the industrial performance level of our NIL technology. The customers will now be able to configure the R&D tools to their individual needs. This enhanced function combined with the recently launched inline CVD anti-stick technology, allow for the ability to create larger process windows which is crucial for a successful industrialization", says Patrik Lundström, Chairman of Obducat.

For further information, please contact:

Patrik Lundström, Chairman of the Board and CEO: +46 (0) 46 10 16 00 or +46 (0) 703 27 37 38
André Bergstrand, acting Managing Director and CFO: +46 (0) 46 10 16 00 or +46 (0) 703 27 37 32

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