OBDUCAT, leading manufacturer of lithography solutions based on nanoimprint lithography, has been invited to participate in an EU funded project, named GREENANOFILM. The project is focused on development and application of ultra-high resolution nano-organized films for next generation opto- and bio-electronics.

Current knowledge in modern material science allows for the preparation of a myriad of tailored nanomaterial and self-assembly technologies are the most used methods for preparation of nanostructures.

This progress has created a huge and growing interest for high-resolution patterning of films to create the next generation of materials with improved performance and functionality.

The aim of the GREENANOFILM project is to design and develop, using environmentally friendly processes, ultra-high resolution patterned nano-organized films using self-assembly of elementary bricks of plant-based biomaterials and nanocellulose for innovative high-added value applications. The targeted applications are e.g. transparent and conductive technical films, flexible opto-electronic devices and utterly high-sensitivity biosensors.

Obducat will primarily deploy its NIL-technology for the purpose of developing technology allowing Directed Self Assembly of these elementary bricks targeted as a next generation lithographic technique for ultra-high resolution patterning for applications in markets such as highly-sensitive inexpensive bio-sensors, sub-wavelength optical elements and memory storage devices.

The project is coordinated by CNRS (CENTRE NATIONAL DE LA RECHERCHE SCIENTIFIQUE) from France. The consortium consists, in addition to CNRS of eight distinguished partners as follows:

·         Centre Technique de l’Industrie des Papiers, Cartons et Celluloses, DISASOLAR SAS and PCAS from France

·         VTT from Finland

·         University of Bremen from Germany

·         TNO from the Netherlands

·         Lund University and Obducat Technologies from Sweden

The project will start in February 2014 and is scheduled to run over three years with a total budget of 5.2 MEUR.


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For further information contact:

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