OBDUCAT, leading manufacturer of lithography solutions based on nanoimprint lithography and electron beam lithography, participates in a transnational project, named MATSENS, initiated through the collaboration network M-ERA.NET. The project is focused on developing new “smart” materials for electrochemical sensors.

Biosensor and microfluidic technologies are a key topic for the development of new Point-of-Care (POC) analysis system useful in the health care sector. In order to further broaden the use of these POC systems a new generation of bio analytical tools must be developed which will improve characteristics in terms of stability, sensitivity, selectivity at the same time as the manufacturing cost can be reduced.

In the field of electrochemical biosensors, the development of new electrode surfaces and recognition elements with high stability, sensitivity and selectivity for the determination of different biomarkers is currently of paramount importance in the health sector. Materials science and nanotechnologies enables the improvement of the electrode surfaces by using thin- & thick-film technologies to fabricate the electrodes in different designs and materials as well as using nanoimprint lithography for modification of the electrode surfaces through fabrication of nanostructures, improving the sensitivity and selectivity of the biosensors.

The MATSENS project aims at developing new “smart” materials for electrochemical sensors that will provide novel properties and functionalities to electrode surfaces. The modification of the electrode surfaces with nanostructures, nanomaterials or polymer layers, applying the most innovative technologies and methodologies, will contribute to the development of a new generation of electrochemical sensors for use in e.g. clinical diagnostics.

The consortium consists of three distinguished partners from Spain, UK and Sweden. The project is coordinated by Micrux Technologies from Spain and partnering from UK is Intrinsiq Materials. The project will start on September 1, 2013 and is scheduled over two years with a total budget of 700 KEUR.


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