OBDUCAT AB (publ) subsidiary Obducat Technologies AB, a leading supplier of lithography solutions based on nanoimprint lithography (NIL), has been invited to participate in a Project titled "High Performance cost efficient photoelectric biosupercapacitors reproducibility fabricated with industry-scale throughput".

The project has been approved by the Knowledge Foundation (KK-stiftelsen) that funds research and competence development at Sweden's new Universities and University Colleges with the purpose of strengthening Sweden's competitiveness. The Knowledge Foundation provide funding when activities are conducted in collaboration between academic staff and business sector partners. The aim is to build internationally competitive, integrated research and education environments.

Bioelectronics is a rapidly progressing interdisciplinary research filed, which aims to integrate biomaterials and electronic element into functional devices. The integration of different biomaterials, e.g. proteins, organelles, and living cells, with electronic elements, furnishes hybrid bioelectronic systems that can operate as biosensors, bioelectronic circuitry, and biological power sources.

Current designed bioelectronic devices based on nanostructured electrodes cannot be produced in an expedient, and importantly, readily scalable and reproducible manner, since existing industrial technologies for nanofabrication are rarely used in research laboratories, and industrial exposure to biomaterial-based elements is limited. In the current project nanoimprint (NIL), an industrial technique capable of realizing nano- and micro-scale features, reproducible, scalable and economically, will be used.

The aim of the project is to realize the very first solar bio-panel in order to replace complex and inefficient photovoltaic systems, with simple and efficient photovoltaic bio-systems.

This project is a collaboration between Malmö University, Kemet Electronics AB and Obducat Technologies AB.

Obducat Technologies AB will focus on the bio-modification of nano- and micro structured electrodes and the technology transfer to mass production using NIL.

The project is scheduled to run over 3 years with a total budget of 5.9 MSEK.

This is information that Obducat AB (publ.) is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact person set out below, on March 19th, 2018 at 16:00 CET.

For further information, please contact:

Patrik Lundström, CEO: +46 (0) 46 10 16 00 or +46 (0) 703 27 37 38

Björn Segerblom, Chairman of the Board:  + 46 (0) 46-10 16 00 or +852 6071 2250

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