OBDUCAT AB (publ) subsidiary Obducat Technologies AB, a leading supplier of lithography solutions based on nanoimprint lithography (NIL), has signed a contract related to Foundry Services which covers deliveries over the next three years. The contract is the continuation of the evaluation project that was communicated in January 2020 as well as the pilot order communicated in July 2022. The customer is a European company active within photosensor technologies. The contract concerns continuous deliveries of optical components. The order value amounts to approx. 28.6 MSEK.

The contract concerns continuous production of optical components produced by using Obducat proprietary NIL technology. Deliveries will start within short, and the delivery of the committed volume is scheduled to take place during a maximum time of 3 years. With the current outlook however, the customer expects to call off the volume during a shorter time frame.

Due to confidentiality requirements further information cannot be disclosed at this point.

" Obducat has successfully completed iterations of test- and pilot runs over the past three years. From an industrial manufacturing perspective, our technology and know-how have truly been tested for suitability for mass production of optical components. The contract is a confirmation that our technology and capability in production service is world-leading and we will continue to work towards growing our Foundry Service activities moving forward”, says Patrik Lundström, CEO of Obducat.